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New registered nurse resume template,What happens when a company offers web templates for free? Let’s find out. This is because the free templates come with free hosting. However, you have to pay for the domain name because it has to be registered in your name and this is actually the charge for the registrar. It is usually a nominal charge, but what if the company giving you the website template doesn’t want you to register your domain? This is a shame because the template you receive will not work with other hosting companies.

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This is because you don’t receive the source code when you download a free website templates. The source code must be included with the template. It is because without the source codes, you will not be able make any coding modifications to the template. But why is it important? To understand how coding works, you must first understand what it is. Make no mistake, you can change the text or pictures as often as you want, but the coding is the really important part of the template.

The web host distributes the template code. When you sign up for web hosting, you will find free templates. This is how they market their hosting services. If you believe that another company will allow you to use a template for free without the source code, you are mistaken. They already have a template available for you.

This means that if you have a free website you will remain with the hosting company that created it unless they sell the source code to you – which is when they make money. So in other words, you will have to pay for the template and you will have to pay a separate fee for the domain name if you want to break the hosting contract and leave the hosting company. The fees are a hindrance to prevent you from leaving the ranks of the hosting company with which you have entered into a contract.

Your reason for leaving is likely to be low rankings, no traffic, and the source code that it requires. This hosting company might want to keep you around if your unhappy. The answer is simple: it’s because of the ad revenue. Some companies will tell you this up front, but not all.You see, once your website is published, the hosting company that gave you the free website template will start placing ads from their clients on your site. They can be ads from anybody – your competitors, people with different messages to yours, and anyone who has purchased ad space through your new hosting/template firm. You cannot stop them if they don’t suit your needs.

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