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Monthly staff attendance register template,Is it possible to find out how companies that offer free web templates end up charging for them? Read on to learn how to get your domain name registered. Because these templates are free, you also get free web hosting. You must pay for the domain because it must be registered in you name. This charge is for the registry. It is usually a nominal charge, but what if the company giving you the website template doesn’t want you to register your domain? This is a shame because the template you receive will not work with other hosting companies.

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This is because you don’t receive the source code when you download a free website templates. Why would you need the sourcecode with the template? The source code is essential because it will prevent you from making any changes to the template. In order to understand this you have to understand the concept of coding. While you can modify the text and photos as often as necessary, the most important part of the template is its coding.

The coding on any template is set up to work with the web host that distributes it. Cheap web hosting companies often offer templates for free when you sign up. This is how they promote their hosting services. You are mistaken if you think another hosting company will give you a template free of source code.

If you create a website for free, the hosting company responsible for the template will be the one that you use unless you purchase the source code directly from them – which is how they make their money. So in other words, you will have to pay for the template and you will have to pay a separate fee for the domain name if you want to break the hosting contract and leave the hosting company. These fees will prevent you leaving the company hosting you have signed a contract with.

Ensure that you register domain names only after you have made your decision on the best solution. If you return to register a name which you have been contemplating and it is not registered within two days, you may feel discouraged. It happens! Who knows who is monitoring your searches? This is an unsavory practice that is “not intended to occur” and can be difficult to prove if it does. Be decisive and happy.

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